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We put the "I" in DEI

Unconscious bias damages inclusion. Beelong incrementally measures those damages by providing data-driven insights on which identity groups are most impacted.

No feedback, no self-reported surveys, just data.

Less than 10 minutes per employee

Results in less than 2 weeks

Achieve DEI goals


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Create a workplace where everyone beelongs.

We know that when everyone feels like they equally beelong in an organization, attrition decreases and performance increases. Unfortunately, even the most attentive organizations may still suffer from the damage of unconscious bias.

Beelong is a simple tool that shows you which identity groups are most impacted by unconscious bias and pinpoint the sources of that damage. 

Our objective is to take the guesswork out of inclusion and give you more confidence in the impact and ROI of your DEI programs.


Our Analytics

Beelong offers custom and anonymized data about unconscious bias in your organization. Any identity group can be measured.

Unconscious Bias Measurement

At organization, department, or team levels, identify hotspots for unconscious bias issues. Filter by any identity, including gender, ethnicity, income, nationality, vaccination status, hours worked, and more.

Silo Identification

Find out which departments and teams are talking to each other and which ones are stuck in silos.

Custom Reports

Our data scientists curate custom reports based on the unique results of your organization, showing which inclusion strengths and identity groups most impacted by unconscious bias. No two reports will be exactly the same.

Customer Service

Simple is in our DNA, so you can expect a person to walk you through your results and answer any questions you may have.

Example Visualizations

Here are a couple examples of the what you'll receive. Click below to see how it all works.

sandkey gender chart.png
silo screenshot updated colors.png



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Enjoy the ease of ad hoc purchases or getting an recurring subscription to better track progress.

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    • Less than 10 minutes needed per employee

Start creating a workplace where all beelong today.

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